The Garden Seat.

A lighter view of the garden.

Welcome to The Garden Seat, the perfect spot for a tired gardener to sit a while, relax and view the kingdom from a different angle. Admiring the garden, you may be tempted to think it is all yours, But! who or what else is in "Your" garden?

These pages are provided for your amusement and have no direct use for any gardener. Those subjects that stood still long enough to be photographed could hardly be considered rare. Few gardens are without these visitors but capturing them with the camera is another story.

The Gardener's Companions.

Gardens are small plots of land shared by multitudes of tenants. Some work diligently to tend and shape the vista in order to reap its harvest. Some simply help themselves to the rewards of others toil. Many use the garden as a gathering place to meet up with their friends, while a few vandals simply enjoy wrecking everything in sight. Watch and listen while you potter around the garden and you might see more than just flowers...

Short Stories.

When time and memory permits, I will include a few tales for light­hearted reading during the rainy days of winter. That is the plan but where do I get the time from?


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The Gardener's Companions

Short Stories.

  • Garden nonsense.
  • Voles.
  • A Landscaper's Tale.

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